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Create Users, Set Permissions, and Access Standard and Custom Reports

Coulomb World allows their customers to create account users and set role-based permissions, including view and edit capabilities. Columb World also deliver the ability to create and export standard and custom reports, including detailed EV charging session data. Custom gauges can also be created for one or more stations for key metrics, such as greenhouse gases reduced and barrels of oil saved.

Remote Software Updates and Troubleshooting

Coulomb World connectivity provides the ability to update EV charging station firmware remotely, monitor software updates and real-time EV charging status, troubleshoot station issues, and allows EV drivers and Coulomb World to initiate EV charging sessions remotely,and also coulomb world helps you with your computer related services as well.

Solar panel

Electricity generation alone makes up 33% of the total GHGs emitted in US. While going electric vehicle is a big step in reducing emissions, producing electricity from solar energy to charge EV battery packs would be an added perk. The total cost of installation per home averages at $10,250. Installation is free for consumers who buy power from us at rates guaranteed to be lower than their current utility rates.

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